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13 February, 2016

Lenten Cuisine Traditions

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In Lebanon, many followers of the Maronite and Roman/Greek Catholic churches, in line with Easter Christian traditions, commonly abstain from eating meat during Lent Season especially on wednesdays and fridays.

The search for meat alternatives during Lent has probably led the Lebanese Christians to have a variety of vegan and vegetarian delicious and complete dishes.

lentA staple in lebanese lenten cuisine is the famous Mjaddra! This is the first dish that comes to mind in Lenten time. Mjaddra accompanied with a big fresh salad or salty crunchy lebanese pickles. Simple, healthy, delicious…

The other very common lent dishes are Loubieh b Zeyt, Makhloota, Bemye b Zeyt and many others.
Here is a variety of vegan and vegetarian traditional lebanese recipes to choose from!

Bon app├ętit and have a Blessed Lent!

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